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Cooking with Electric!

Hiatus Homes announces that we have moved to all electric appliances.

Traditional homebuilders often install gas ranges, water heaters, and forced air heaters that all operate on natural gas or propane. As part of Hiatus Homes' commitment to developing cutting-edge High-Performance Homes, as of 2023, we have changed over all our appliances to only be electric and we will no longer offer gas appliances in our homes. This is a key move in improving both the indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and environmental impact of our projects. It aligns with our long-term building decarbonization goals, and vision for accessible, climate-resilient development.

On average we spend 87% of our lives inside. For this reason, it’s essential that homes are healthy environments rather than hazardous ones. Studies have shown that consumer-grade natural gas contains varying levels of at least 21 different air pollutants, including both carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. Toxic chemicals such as these have been linked to a variety of negative health effects in home occupants, including cancer, and asthma.

So, what are our alternatives?

Welcome to the exciting new world of induction stoves!

Here’s why we like them: Induction stovetops represent a new era of electric appliances that eliminate the volatile chemicals emitted by gas appliances. This is especially important for homes that have a tight building envelope, like ours. With faster cooking times (can boil a pot of water in nearly half the time of a conventional burner), precise cooking control (highly-praised by chefs), easy cleanup, and exciting design possibilities - they are a dream to cook with.

The shift away from natural gas will soon become standard. In response to climate-resilient development goals, municipalities across the country are updating building code to make use of gas appliances difficult, if not impossible. What’s more, new Federal funding initiatives such as the Inflation Reduction Act will help diminish the financial barriers associated with gas-stove replacement, and incentivize a more sustainable future.

We are on the precipice of big changes in the building industry, and Hiatus Homes is proud to be at the forefront of embracing the innovations necessary for our collective future.


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