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High Performance Homes

We build small-footprint, net-zero homes in Bend, Oregon

New HIATUS at HOME program!

Bringing our best-in-class Hiatus Cottage design to your own backyard as a guest apartment, a rental unit, or a home office! You can now purchase our cottage home plans for your ADU or home and work with us to get it permitted and built.

Check your email for details

Keep it simple, keep it efficient, and keep it beautiful. Here at Hiatus Homes, we design, build, and sell energy efficient homes. We currently offer multiple models of homes for rent or purchase.

Join our community to find out more about this small home living movement and get on the list to reserve your home today. 

Our Projects

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Customer Reviews

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The small-living innovation that Hiatus Homes brings to Central Oregon is long overdue. Hiatus communities are designed to combine the liberating feeling of space-efficient housing with inviting, modern design that naturally turns neighbors into friends. Beyond just a builder, Hiatus has been working with the city of Bend to evolve the code (e.g., scaling system development charges to home size) to make small living more financially feasible and widespread. Bend is not unique in having a housing supply that doesn't meet demand. But it is unique in having Hiatus Homes, which is doing real work to address this problem locally, and hopefully soon, nationally.

Brian Hauer

Homeowner at Hiatus Benham

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