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Community garden at a modern cottage housing development in Bend, OR (Hiatus Homes)

Join over 50 investors that have invested in the Hiatus Capital Fund as part of their portfolio or retirement account.

80% of US households are small - that means an individual, a couple, or roommates and large houses in the suburbs are too big, too expensive, and too far of a commute to fit their needs. They prefer small homes, walkable neighborhoods, and high-performance features. They prefer Hiatus Homes. Hiatus projects are funded by individual investors that are ahead of the new trends in housing and earn profits each time we bring another successful project to market.

The Fund was launched in 2020 and includes 4 residential projects in Bend, Oregon totaling ~110 homes.  New Investors can be true partners in the business to deliver small-footprint, high-performance homes and earn attractive returns through profit splits. Our first two projects produced 24% and 29% annualized IRRs!

We have raised over $6.5 million of our $8 million goal and expect to close the fund at the end of 2024.

Open to new investors now at our April 15 closing. Learn more at our next investor webinar!


CFO Ryan Andrews describes the three pillars of the Hiatus Capital Fund's business model including building small, building high-performance, and opening up an investment opportunity to private investors to profit share in the projects. Interested?

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